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Remember The Mother

Posted by Barin Chaki on February 21, 2012 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Remember The Mother


On the birthday anniversary of TheMother, Mira Alfassa, the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, on the 21stday of February, let us remember Her.

The Mother was born in Paris in 1878, and she grew up in Paris where she spent the first part of her life.

In her early years She was conscious of the special purpose of Her life, ofHer mission on earth. From the age of five she became conscious that she wasnot of this world and had a Consciousness higher than the ordinary human consciousness. At this age she began her spiritual discipline.

She came in contact with Max Theon and Madame Theon around 1905. She met Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry on 29th March 1914. She left Pondicherry in February 1915 and proceeded to France and Japan. On 24th April, 1920, Shereturned for ever to Pondicherry.




Sri Aurobindo, an Incarnation of the Supreme Divine Consciousness, referring to Mira Alfassa, said that ' the One whom we adore as The Mother is the Divine Cinscious Force that dominates allexistence…' He said further: “The Mother is the consciousness and force of theSupreme and far above all she creates.” 

According to Sri Aurobindo, the Supreme Divine has three aspects: transcendental, universal and individual. The Mother also has these three aspects, just as the Supreme.

Sri Aurobindo has said further on The Mother:

"Her embodiment is a chance for the earth-consciousness to receive the Supramental into it and to undergo first the transformation necessary for that to be possible."

Thus, She is unalterably important for the entire humanity and for the earth. "She is the golden bridge ...," said Sri Aurobindo [ in Savitri ]. She is the Force that enables Man and the earth to leap beyond and pass over the gulf of difference between Mind and the Supramental Consciousness, between Darkness and Light, between Ignorance and Wisdom, between Falsehood and Truth.

She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.

The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,

A power of silence in the depths of God;

She is the Force, the inevitable Word,.....

To heal with her feet the aching throb of life

And break the seals on the dim soul of man

And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.

[Savitri : Sri Aurobindo]

The Mother said :

Throughout all this life, knowingly or unknowingly, I have been what the Lord wanted me to be, Ihave done what the Lord wanted me to do, I have done what the Lord wanted me todo. That alone matters.

She has furthersaid :

Since, the beginning of the earth, wherever and whenever there was the possibility of manifesting a ray of Consciousness, I was there.

She has also shownus the Way, the most sublime Way of the Child in us, in all of us:

You have to aspire,you have to reject; but the best is if you can keep me in your heart, if youlove me, then you will have to do nothing. I shall do all for you.

That is the best Way.

And let us remember also what She has further said :

"Let us advance always, without stopping, towards an always more complete manifestation, an always more complete and higher consciousness."




Sri Aurobindo has said:

"The Mother not only governs all from above but she descends into this lesser triple universe. Impersonally, all things here, even the movements of the Ignorance, are herself in veiled power and her creations in diminished substance, her Nature-Body and Nature-force, and they exist because, moved by the mysterious fiat of the Supreme to work out something that was there in the possibilities of the Infinite, she has consented to the great sacrifice and has put on like a mask the soul and forms of the Ignorance. But personally, too, she has stooped to descend here into the Darkness that she may lead it to the Light, into the Falsehood and Error that she may convert it to the Truth, into this Death that she convert it to godlike Life, into this world-pain and its obstinate sorrow and suffering that she may end it in the transforming ecstacy of her sublime Ananda. In her deep and great love for her children she has consented to put on herself the cloak of this obscurity, condescended to bear the attacks and torturing influences of the powers of the Darkness and the Falsehood, borne to pass through the portals of the birth that is a death, taken upon herself the pangs and sorrows and sufferings of the creation, since it seemed that thus alone could it be lifted to the Light and Joy and Truth and eternal Life. This is the great sacrifice called sometimes the sacrifice of the Purusha, but much more deeply the holocaust of Prakriti, the sacrifice of the Divine Mother.”  

The Mother told us about Sri Aurobindo : 

Sri Aurobindo came on earth from the Supreme to announce the manifestation of a new race and a newworld, the Supramental.

She also saidabout Sri Aurobindo :

Man is the creation of  yesterday. Sri Aurobindo came to announce the creation of tomorrow : thecoming of the supramental being.

And for this comingof the supramental being, Sri Aurobindo says that Man has to ascend from Mindto various higher levels of Mind, and then to the Supermind. Man has to gothrough the ways of Transformation. And when the human aspiration rises to aheight, then only Supermind can be approached.

The Mother Mira was the Person who caused the Descent of the Supramental Principle on earth on the29th February 1956. The purpose of this Supramental Descent was to makepossible the ascending journey of Man to Supermanhood.

The Mother has stated:



(During the commonmeditation on Wednesday

The 29th February1956)

This evening theDivine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I hadthe form of a living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a hugeand massive golden door, which separated the world from the Divine. As I lookedat the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that‘the time has come', and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer Istruck one blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces. Then thesupramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in anuninterrupted flow.

This is the purpose of the coming of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on earth : the Manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness on earth, so that Man can progressively change himself into the Superman, the Supramental Being. By the half-lit and diminished principle of Mind, Man can rise from the animalhood to a great extent, but can not become the Supramental Being, can not put an end to his miseries and sufferings, to his ignorance, inconscience, incapacities and death.

The Mother has said:

We can, simply by a sincere aspiration, open a sealed door in us and find ..that Something which will change the whole meaning of life, answerall our questions, solve all our problems and lead us to the perfection we aspire for without knowing it, to that Reality which alone cansatisfy and give us lasting joy, balance, strength. All this you have heard many times. You have heard it - oh, there are even ~ here who are so used to it that for them that seems to be the same as drinking a glass of water or opening a window to let in the sunlight ....

We have tried a little, bur now we are going to try seriously! The starting-point: to want it, truly to want it, to need it. The next step: to think, above all, of that. A day comes very quickly when one is unable to think of anything else. That is the only thing that counts. And then .. you formulate your aspiration, you let the true prayer spring up from your heart, the prayer that expresses the sincerity of the need. And then ... well, you will see what happens. [Spiritual Significance of Flowers]




Sri Aurobindo said about Man in His poem Evolution :

O thou who climbest from dull stone

Face now the miracled summits still unwon.

The first half of Evolution has been before us, the human beings — step by step, we have grown from  Matter, described by Sri Aurobindo as “dull stone” — we have become the humans through the prolonged and difficult course of Evolution — from the stone to the human. That is the story of the coming of Man, amidst the stone and the plants and the animals.  

Now, there are the new summits, still unconquered, before us, which are the summits of consciousness and existence : we need and shall have to conquer the new summits beyond the human existence and consciousness, beyond all our limitations, all our present imperfections and incapacities, all our ignorance and darkness, and we need to have the miraculous capacities to transform ourselves for the New Creation, for the Advent of the Superman, the Supramental Being.

That is theTruth, as The Mother says. Either we have to achieve it or we have to lose the struggle of existence, being doomed to the Abyss. Let us remember what The Mother has said to us :

Men, countries, continents,

The choice is imperative — Truth or Abyss.

In spite of all the imperfections, ignorance and darkness in Man, in spite of all the pull and push of the animal nature in him, since the beginning of his existence, he has an opening for the Supreme, for the Divine. Since the beginning, he has evert ried to have contact with the Higher Consciousness and Force, however crude and incomplete his attempts might have been. This trend in him might have given rise to many  superstitions, but it hasalso given rise to the great religions, leading some humans to live nobler and higher lives.

However,The Mother has said that the Age of Religions is over.

In the religions, the incomplete and imperfect mind attempted to conveniently mix up the mental ignorance and darkness with the highest contact and the highest sentiments, emotions, ideas and thoughts within us. Some men with the lesser consciousness and understanding, living satisfied with limitations and imperfections, tried to manage the religions and the rules thereof. Men have been seeking to go to heaven, or to go for Niravana or Moksha, making the human existence, as it were, a meaningless, purposeless, aimless play of the Supreme.

In the name of the religions, now the humanity is divided. Hatred and cruelty and division are now in force in place of Love and humanism and oneness. The Divine is far away, and the Divine Life seems distant and impossible.

Therefore, we shall have to go beyond Mind to find the true meaning and use and purpose of the human life and existence and also of the Mind itself.

Let us recall what The Mother has said: “The Age of religion is over.” Keeping aside the religious conflicts and debates, we shall have to go beyond the mental limitations and ascend the higher ranges of Consciousness. 


We need to ascend the higher ranges of Mind —the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, theIntuitive Mind , the Overmind — to ascend the heights of  the Gnosis, the Supramental Consciousness. And before all these Ascents, we should discover and know the Divine Child in us, the Psychic Being.

That is the Work before us, the humans. That is the Truth. The Spirit, involved in theStone, has become Man, and shall now evolve further and manifest as theSupramental Being.

The Mother has prayed before the Supreme, for all the humanity :

Lord, we are uponearth to accomplish Thy work of transformation. It is our sole will, our solepreoccupation. Grant that it may be also our sole occupation and that all ouractions may help us towards this single goal.

Evolution is the Work of the Supreme, the Divine. The Supreme, the Sat-chit-ananda, the Existence=Consciousness-Bliss, has emerged as the Stone, the principle of Matter. That is Involution. And from that stage, the return journey of the Supreme has begun —from Matter to the Supreme Consciousness again. Man has come into existence, in course of the Evolutionary return journey of the Supreme Consciousness. That is the Play, the Work of the Supreme. However, in Evolution, the One willed to become the Many and has become so. It may be said that he thought : “Ekoham, bahu syama.” [ I am alone, and shall become many.]  Existence-Consciousness-Force became many, countless many,and each of the many is a Soul, or the Atman in Sanskrit, which is a part and portion of the Supreme Consciousness, the Divine — a part who is one with the Whole, who can be the Whole also, who can unite with the Whole.


Sri Aurobindo has used the word ‘thepsychic being’ in expressing the active aspect of the ‘soul’ in Man. The psychic beingis evolved only in the human being, as it has to participate and lead in the next evolution beyond Mind.

Sri Aurobindo says :

The soul … … is something that comes down into birth and passes through death – although it does not itself die, for it is immortal – from one state to another, from the earth plane to other planes and back again to the earth-existence. It goes on with this progression from life to life through an evolution which leads it up to the human state and evolves through it all a being of itself which we call the psychic being that supports the evolution and develops a physical, a vital, a mental human consciousness as its instruments of world-experience and of a disguised, imperfect, but growing self-expression. All this it does from behind a veil showing something of its divine self only in so far as the imperfection of the instrumental being will allow it. But a time comes when it is able to prepare to come out from behind the veil, to take command and turn all the instrumental nature towards a divine fulfilment. This is the beginning of the true spiritual life. The soul is able now to make itself ready for a higher evolution of manifested consciousness than the mental human. [Letters on Yoga — Sri Aurobindo]

The Divine has began His return March from the Stone and has reached the stage of the Human. And now the human being  has to collaborate with the Divine to manifest the Divine in Many as the Supramental Race.

Now, ignorance, darkness, diseases and Death shall be conquered, as they belong to the falsehood. That is the Divine Will.

The Mother had prayed:

The hour has come when a choice has to be made, radical and definitive. Lord, give us the strength to reject falsehood and emerge in Thy truth, pure and worthy of Thy victory….

As ordinary human beings, we are leading ourselves to the Abyss, as we are deeply engrossed with our lowest emotions, passions, pre-occupations and occupations, as we are thoroughly involved with our fears and distrust and gross indulgence. Even ifwe got some Light of Faith and of Ideas and Thought, we bring in Darknessthough the quarrels of religions, old and new, through the political labyrinths which mutilate and imprison the Ideas and the Thoughts. Often we close our eyes to the Light, often we shut up our inner windows when we hear the Call. We lend ourselves to be controlled and managed by the Asura.

The Mother has further said:

The Asura is theforce of falsehood, antidivine, which reigns as sovereign over the physical world; his influence is felt everywhere, it is in everything in Matter. But the time has now come when the separation, the purification, can be made, the falsehood, the Asuric influence, rejected and there can be an exclusive living in the Divine Truth.



Sri Aurobindo has also expressed in a poem how the Ascent, the Next Evolution, will lead Man to the Supramental Transformation.

Earth was a cradle for the arriving god

And man but a half-dark half-luminous sign

Of the transition of the veiled Divine

From Matter’s sleep and the tormented load

Of ignorant life and death to the Spirit’s light.

Mind liberated swam Light's ocean vast,

And life escaped from its grey tortured line;

I saw Matter illumining its parent Night.

[Evolution : Sri Aurobindo]               

The Supramental Consciousness is the arriving God, the Divine, and the human being is the sign, the evolved reality,that is the instrument of the Divine. In Man, there is only a partial Light. Heis not fully illumined. The arriving God, which is the veiled Divine, is thereto bring a Transition from the Matter in sleep to the Light of the Spirit. WhenMind will then be liberated — it will then swim the vast ocean of The Spirit,the Divine Consciousness. Life will also be freed from all the torture it has beentolerating all along. And even Matter will illumine its darkness. “Even the body shall remember God.”

This is the message of Hope for Man.

Ininterpreting the message “Truth or Abyss,” The Mother further said :

The message is only for those who are still asleep and quite satisfied with their sleep.

The majority of the mankind is still asleep, a sleep in darkness and ignorance with satisfaction. Man is still imprisoned with the ignorant senses and the blind and limited thoughts and ideas, with no aspiration or hope, no light or vision, no seeking, satisfied with the animal indulgences and the limited ego, with death and darkness and division.

We shall have to aspire and endeavor and prepare ourselves for the Ascent. We should no more remain satisfied with our present state of being immersed in gross indulgence and inner blindness and blocked consciousness, of being involved with hatred and jealousy and greed and violence, of being conquered by darkness and ignorance and death. This is the Truth for us.

Let us accept the Truth and thereby open the gates of great possibilities. The Mother says : This wonderful world of delight waiting at ourgates for our call, to come down upon earth…  

We must accept this Truth. Or else, the Abyss is sure.  To stop remaining the gross animal man, immersed in darkness and falsehood and hatred and violence, thisTruth is the desireable way. Our Aspiration should be for the Ascent.

Let us remember The Mother and march towards the Goal — the Ascent, the Supramental Becoming.

Barin Chaki






Yoga and Hypnotism

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WHEN the mind is entirely passive, then the force of Nature which works in the whole of animate and inanimate creation, has free play; for it is in reality this force which works in man as well as in the sun and star. There is no doubt of this truth whether in Hinduism or in Science. This is the thing called Nature, the sum of cosmic force and energy, which alone Science recognises as the source of all work and activity. This also is the Prakriti of the Hindus to which under different names Sankhya and Vedanta agree in assigning a similar position and function in the Universe. But the immediate question is whether this force can act in man independently of man's individual will and initiative. Must it always act through his volition or has it a power of independent operation ? The first real proof which Science has had of the power of action independent of volition is the phenomena of hypnotism. Unfortunately, the nature of hypnotism has not been properly understood. It is supposed that by putting the subject to sleep the hypnotist is able in some mysterious and unexplained way to substitute his will for the subject's. In a certain sense all the subject's activities in the hypnotic state are the results of his own volition, but that volition is not spontaneous, it is used as a slave by the operator working through the medium of suggestion. Whatever the hypnotist suggests that the subject shall think, act or feel, he thinks, acts or feels, and whatever the hypnotist suggests that the subject shall become, he becomes. What is it that gives the operator this stupendous power ? Why should the mere fact of a man passing into this sleep-condition suspend the ordinary reactions of mind and body and substitute others at the mere word of the man who has said to him "sleep" ? It is sometimes supposed that it is the superior will of the hypnotist which overcomes the will of the other and makes it a slave. There are two strong objections to this view. It does not appear to be true that it is the weak and distracted will that is most easily hypnotised; on the contrary, the strong concentrated mind forms a good subject. Secondly, if it were the operator's will using the will of the subject, then the results produced must be such as the latter could himself bring about, since the capacities of the instrument cannot be exceeded by the power working through the instrument. Even if we sup- pose that the invading will brings with it its own force still the results produced must not exceed the sum of its capacity plus the capacity of the instrument. If they commonly do so, we must suppose that it is neither the will of the operator nor the will of the subject nor the sum of these two wills that is active, but some other and more potent force. This is precisely what we see in hypnotic performance.

What is this force that enables or compels a weak man to become so rigid that strong arms cannot bend him; that reverses the operations of the senses and abrogates pain ? That changes the fixed character of a man in the shortest of periods ? That is able to develop power where there was no power, moral strength where there was weakness, health where there was disease? That in its higher manifestations can exceed the barriers of space and time and produce that far-sight, far-hearing and far-thinking which shows mind to be an untrammelled agent or medium pervading the world and not limited to the body which it informs or seems to inform. The European scientist experimenting with hypnotism is handling forces which he cannot understand, stumbling on truths of which he cannot give a true account. His feet are faltering on the threshold of Yoga. It is held by some thinkers, and not unreasonably if we consider these phenomena, that mind is all and contains all. It is not the body which determines the laws of the body. It is the ordinary law of the body that if it is struck, pierced or roughly pressed, it feels pain. This law is created by the mind which associates pain with these contacts, and if the mind changes its Dharma and is able to associate with those contacts not pain but insensibility or pleasure, then they will bring about those results of insensibility or pleasure and no other. The pain and pleasure are not the result of the contact, neither is their seat in the body; they are the result of association and their seat is in the mind. Vinegar is sour, sugar sweet, but to the hypnotised mind vinegar can be sweet, sugar sour. The sourness

or sweetness is not in the vinegar or sugar, but in the mind. The heart also is the subject of the mind. My emotions are like my physical feelings, the result of association, and my character is the result of accumulated past experiences with their resultant associations and reactions crystallising into habits of mind and heart summed up in the word, character. These things like all the rest that are made of the stuff of associations are not permanent or binding but fluid and mutable, .. sarve samskārāhanityāh If my friend blames me, I am grieved; that is an association and not binding. The grief is not the result of the blame but of an association in the mind. I can change the association so far that blame will cause me no grief, praise no elation. I can entirely stop the reactions of joy and grief by the same force that created them. They are habits of the mind, nothing more. In the same way though with more difficulty I can stop the reactions of physical pain and pleasure so that nothing will hurt my body. If I am a coward today, I can be a hero tomorrow. The cowardice was merely the habit of associating certain things with pain and grief and the shrinking from the pain and grief; this shrinking and the physical sensations in the vital or nervous man which accompany it are called fear and they can be dismissed by the action of the mind which created them. All these are propositions which European science is even now unwilling to admit, yet it is being proved more and more by the phenomena of hypnotism that these effects can be temporarily at least produced by one man upon another; and it has even been proved that disease can be permanently cured or character permanently changed by the action of one mind upon another. The rest will be established in time by the development of hypnotism.

The difference between Yoga and hypnotism is that what hypnotism does for a man through the agency of another and in the sleeping state, Yoga does for him by his own agency and in the waking state. The hypnotic sleep is necessary in order to pre- vent the activity of the subject's mind full of old ideas and associations, from interfering with the operator.

In the waking state he would naturally refuse to experience sweetness in vinegar or sourness in sugar or to believe that he can change from disease to health, cowardice to heroism by a mere act of faith; his established association would rebel violently and successfully against such contradictions of universal experience. The force which transcends matter would be hampered by the obstruction of ignorance and attachment to universal error. The hypnotic sleep does not make the mind a tabula rasa, but it renders it passive to everything but the touch of the operator. Yoga similarly teaches passivity of the mind so that the will may act unhampered by the samskāras, or old associations. It is these samskāras, the habits formed by experience in the body, heart or mind, that form the laws of our psychology. The associations of the mind are the stuff of which our life is made. They are more persistent in the body than in the mind and there- fore harder to alter. They are more persistent in the race than in the individual; the conquest of the body and mind by the individual is comparatively easy and can be done in the space of a single life, but the same conquest by the race involves the development of ages. It is conceivable, however, that the practice of Yoga by a great number of men and persistence might bring about profound changes in human psychology and, by stamping these changes into body and brain through heredity, evolve a superior race which would endure and by the law of the survival of the fittest eliminate the weaker kinds of humanity. Just as the rudimentary mind of the animal has been evolved into the fine instrument of the human being so the rudiments of higher force and faculty in the present race might evolve into the perfect buddhi of the Yogin.

so. evaYo yacchraddhah .sah According as is a man's fixed and complete belief, that he is, not immediately always but sooner or later, by the law that makes the psychical tend inevitably to express itself in the material. The will is the agent by which all these changes are made and old samskāras replaced by new, and the will cannot act without faith. The question then arises whether mind is the ultimate force or there is another which communicates with the outside world through the mind. Is the mind the agent or simply the instrument? If the mind be all, then it is only animals that can have the power to evolve; but this does not accord with the laws of the world as we know them. The tree evolves, the clod evolves, everything evolves. Even in animals it is evident that mind is not all in the sense of being the ultimate force in nature. It seems to be all, only because that which is all expresses itself in the mind and passes everything through it for the sake of manifestation. That which we call mind is a medium which pervades the world. Otherwise we could not have the instantaneous and electrical action of mind upon mind of which human experience is full and of which the new phenomena of hypnotism, telepathy, etc., are only fresh proofs. There must be contact, there must be interpenetration if we are to account for these phenomena on any reasonable theory. Mind therefore is held by the Hindus to be a species of subtle matter in which ideas are waves or ripples and it is not limited by the physical body which it uses as an instrument. There is an ulterior force which works through this subtle medium called mind. An animal species develops, according to the modern theory, under the subtle influence of the environment. The environment sup- plies a need and those who satisfy the need develop a new species which survives because it is more fit. This is not the result of any intellectual perception of the need nor of a resolve to develop the necessary changes, but of a desire, often though not always, a mute, inarticulate and unthought desire. That desire attracts a force which satisfies it. What is that force ? The tendency of psychical desire to manifest in the material change is one term in the equation; the force which develops the change in response to the desire is another. We have a will beyond mind which dictates the change, we have a force beyond mind which affects it. According to Hindu philosophy, the will is the Jiva, the Purusha, the Self in the aānandakos acting through vijñāna, universal or transcendental mind; this is what we call spirit. The force is Prakriti or Shakti, the female principle in Nature which is at the root of all action. Behind both is the single Self of the universe which contains both Jiva and Prakriti, spirit and material energy. Yoga puts these ultimate existences within us in touch with each other and by stilling the activity of the samskāras or associations in mind and body, enables them to act swiftly, victoriously and as the world calls it, miraculously. In reality, there is no such thing as a miracle; there are only laws and processes which are not yet understood.

Yoga is therefore no dream, no illusion of mystics. It is known that we can alter the associations of mind and body temporarily and that the mind can alter the conditions of the body partially. Yoga asserts that these things can be done permanently and completely. For the body, conquest of disease, pain and material obstructions, for the mind, liberation from bondage to past experience and the heavier limitations of space and time, for the heart victory over sin and grief and fear, for the spirit unclouded bliss, strength and illumination, this is the gospel of Yoga, this is the goal to which Hinduism points humanity.


- Sri Aurobindo

The harmony of virtue, vol.3

On The Mother

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The Aspirants for the progress towards the Supramental Manifestation on earth will surely ascertain and reinforce their aspiration on the birthday anniversary of The Mother. And today is the auspicious Day this year : 21-02-2011.


The Mother is the Hope of Man, as Sri Aurobindo is. And with Their Advent on earth, the new Possibility of a divinized human race on earth has originated, the new Hope has been created. And They have given us, the human beings, the Task for the Progress towards the fulfillment of the possibility, of the hope — certainly with the guidance and enlightenment from Them.


To eternal light and knowledge meant to rise,

Up from man's bare beginning is our climb;

Out of earth's heavy smallness we must break,

We must search our nature with spiritual fire:

An insect crawl precludes our glorious flight;

Our human state cradles the future god,

Our mortal frailty an immortal force.

[Sri Aurobindo: Savitri]




A mightier race shall inhabit the mortal man's world.

On Nature's luminous tops, on the Spirit's ground,

The superman shall reign king of life,

Make earth almost the mate and peer of heaven

And lead toward God and truth man's ignorant earth

And lift towards godhead his mortality.

[Sri Aurobindo: Savitri]


The Mother, Mira Alfassa, the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, has Her Work for all of us, the mankind, and for this earth, the abode of ours - the Advent of the supramental consciousness, of the supramental beings on Earth. That is the Work to be done here on Earth - the Work of the greatest importance - furthering the earthly Evolution beyond the humankind, beyond the human imperfection and ignorance and sufferings, bringing in a total transformation of the human beings into the gnostic beings, the supramental beings.

The Earth is a field of Evolution. The Earth has seen an Evolution from the cell, that was the first manifestation of life, to the human beings, the Homo Sapiens; and it is now becoming the field of an Evolution from the human beings to the supramental beings. About this, however, the human beings in general may not be as yet aware or conscious. Evolution, at first, was the manifestation of Life in Matter, and then it manifested Homo Neanderthals and the Homo Sapiens - the human beings, as Mind descended into Life and Matter, into the earth-atmosphere.


Time has come now for going beyond Mind.

Man is conscious, but to a very small extent. Of course, in Man, the dreamer and the seeker is there; the further possibility is there in him. There have been a few Leaders among us and they are regarded as the Manifestations of the Divine among us: They have spoken of Nirvana, Moksha, Liberation and the Kingdom of God. They have also accepted death and decay and sufferings like all of us, out of Their Love for us. The Way They found for us was the way of escape from this worldly manifestation. A few individual's nirvana or moksha or journey to the Kingdom of God could not solve the problems of the remaining billions of human beings that remained on earth. As a whole, the humanity has remained far away from Light and Joy and Peace and deathlessness, from Perfection and Consciousness that can give Victory and Conquest.


Man is not the last thing in Evolution on earth. He has to surpass himself and grow and become a higher being. This is the message of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.


Sri Aurobindo has said:


Man is a transitional being; he is not final....The Step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in earth's evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner Spirit and the logic of Nature's process. [The Hour of God, page 7]


So far, the earth has been a vale of tears, a vale of owes and sorrows and sufferings, and also a vale of bloodshed and cruelty, of destructions and devastations and Death, of falls and failures and frustrations, of fights and feuds, of fears and foes. We are all sitting upon a heap of bombs - atomic or non-atomic, real or virtual. Human beings have become absolutely selfish and egoistic. Religions have turned into the reasons for battles, group-wars and terrorism. Political institutions and activities are grossly infected by crimes and corruptions. Love is lost. Truth is lost and hidden. Light is engulfed in Darkness.


This cannot be the Earth that the Divine, the Supreme, has designed and dreamed to manifest. The earth can be and has to be transformed into Abode of God. Man has to change himself and the earth atmosphere. Man has to change this world, in all aspects, in totality, integrally.


Sri Aurobindo has said:

Man in himself a little more than an ambitious nothing. He is a littleness that reaches to a wideness and grandeur that are beyond him, a dwarf enamoured of the heights. His mind is a dark ray in the splendours of the Universal Mind. His life is a striving, exulting, suffering, an eager passion-tossed and sorrow-stricken or a blindly and dumbly longing petty moment of the universal Life. His body is labouring perishable speck in the material universe. This cannot be the mysterious upward surge of Nature.

[The Hour of God, page 8]

The base of this worldly manifestation, as we know, is Matter, which appears to us to be inconscient, gross, inert, without Life or Mind. However, Matter, as Sri Aurobindo has stated, is the self-willed involution of the Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, the Superconscient Spirit, the Supreme. The Divine has Himself become Matter, as the ultimate process of an Involution. Evolution is the urge, ‘the upward surge' of the involved Divinity in Nature - to express and manifest Itself in this and as this evolving world.


Sri Aurobindo has further said:

In every particle, atom, molecule, cell of Matter there lives hidden and works unknown all the Omniscience of the Eternal and all the Omnipotence of the Infinite.

[The Hour of God, page 14]


He has also said:

Involution of a Superconscient Spirit in inconscient Matter is the secret of this visible and apparent world and the evolution of this Superconscient out of inconscient Nature is the key-world of the earth's riddle. Earth-life is the self-chosen habitation of a great divinity and his aeonic will is to change it from a blind prison into his splendid mansion and high heaven-reaching temple.

[The Hour of God, page 17]

Thus, it is an inevitable conclusion that the earth-nature and the circumstances on earth must change. Evolution cannot stop and be finalized after creating a being, the human being, whose nature is quite insufficient and insignificant and contrary to what is involved: the Superconscient. So, Man has to grow as an expression of the Divine. Man has to grow into something that is beyond his present state : half-conscious, ignorant, mortal and enslaved to the lower nature.


Sri Aurobindo has again said :

There is something beyond, something that mankind shall be; it is seen now only in broken glimpses through rifts in the broken walls of limitations that deny its possibility and existence. An immortal soul is there somewhere within him and upholds the soul-continuity if his nature. But this greater Spirit is obstructed from descent by the hard lid of his constructed personality; and that inner luminous soul is wrapped, stifled, oppressed in dense outer coatings.

[The Hour of God, page 8]


Sri Aurobindo has further said:

The earth-law has to be changed and a new atmosphere has to be created.

[Evenings talks with Sri Aurobindo by A B Purani, page 148]

Body has been seen, almost always, as a barrier for spiritual sadhana and progress. Sri Aurobindo has spoken of this as follows:

In the past, the body was regarded by the spiritual seekers rather as an obstacle, as something to be overcome as discarded, than as an instrument of spiritual perfection and a field of spiritual change. It has been condemned as a grossness of Matter, as an insuperable impediment, and the limitations of the body as something unchangeable, making transformation impossible. [The Supramental Manifestation, page 7]


But now, in the New Way of the Supramental Transformation, the role of the body is essential and of high importance. The secret of the Change lies here, in the body. Man has to surpass all his imperfections and shortcomings and become the supramental being. The earth shall grow into an abode of the supramental consciousness. That way only, the humankind can conquer all his sufferings, fears and shortcomings, all his imperfections, inconscience and ignorance, and even Death. That is the Task ahead. That is the Work to be done. Conquest of Death - that is the Aim. "Even the body shall remember God," said Sri Aurobindo [in Savitri], and thus shall body conquer Death and Darkness and Ignorance.




Should we continue for ever to be as imperfect and ignorant and mortal as we are now? Should we ever remain enslaved to Tamas and Darkness and Inconscience, to Death, to division and disorder and chaos? Should our existence for ever be meaningless, purposeless? Should our cycles of birth and death be aimless, meaningless? Should our existence remain for ever subject to sorrow and sufferings? Should always there be the continuance of the problems of warfare and battle, terrorism and bloodshed, of the innocent killings of the religious intolerance and atrocities, of the false and narrow and ignorant social rules, regulations, thoughts and ideologies on earth?


Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have answered with an emphatic no. There shall come a change - as certain as the sunrise. And there is a Way - as true as the sunlight. And there is a Hope - as sure as the Dawn - for all of us who are willing to collaborate and cooperate with the Divine, with Truth.


As we know, Sri Aurobindo departed after effecting the Descent of the supramental consciousness and force on and in His Person. The Mother took up the thread by bringing down the supramental consciousness on earth. She continued with after the Descent on earth for a progressive realization of the supramentalized manhood - supermanhood - by Man.


The Teaching of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo has the clues of the Transformation of man into superman, of the manifestation of the supramental consciousness on earth.


The Eternal Mother holds the secret, the key.


Barindranath Chaki


SAVITRI - The Future Poetry by Sri Aurobindo

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Earth must transform herself and equal Heaven

Or Heaven descend into earth's mortal state.

But for such vast spiritual change to be,

Out of the mystic cavern in man's heart

The heavenly Psyche must put off her veil

And step into common nature's cowded rooms

And stand uncovered in that nature's front

And rule its thoughts and fill the body and life.


SAVITRI -  Book Seven, Canto Two  (p. 486, 1972 Edition)

SAVITRI - The Future Poetry by Sri Aurobindo

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THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE  -  Book One - Canto Four

On a height he stood that looked towards greater heights.

Our early approaches to the Infinite

Are sunrise splendours on a marvellous verge

While lingers yet unseen the glorious sun.

What now we see is a shadow of what must come.

SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo  (1972 Edition)

''How to make the right choice ...''

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These are some answers given by the Mother Mira Alfassa on this question, on Sandeep's blog



I liked this in particular [read more on the above link]:


Question: When a serious decision has to be made, how can one know in which direction lies one’s true destiny?

Mother Mira Alfassa: We do not have one destiny, but several destinies.


''...The only thing that matters is the attitude with which they are done. The fact that you do something because that action is present there before you for one reason or another and that you are, so to say, always obliged to act as long as you are in the outer life – all this has a certain importance from the point of view of the management of life if these acts are liable to have far-reaching consequences in life, as for example, getting married or going to live in one place or another or taking up one occupation or another; these things are generally considered important, and they are so to a certain extent; but even for them, from the point of view of yoga, everything depends much more on the attitude one takes than on the thing itself. And so, above all, for all the very small actions of daily life, the importance is reduced to a minimum. ''(CWM, Volume 9, 23 Jan 1957

...Each one’s destiny is inevitably fulfilled, but the nearer one is to the Divine, the more this destiny assumes its divine qualities.

(Mother’s Agenda, Undated 1957 )


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One must do more for oneself....




Change yourself first!


"You can do nothing with others unless you are able to do it with yourself. You can never give a good advice to anyone unless you are able to give it to yourself first, and to follow it. And if you see a difficulty somewhere, the best way of changing this difficulty is to change it in yourself first. If you see a defect in anyone, you may be sure it is in you, and you begin to change it in yourself. And when you will have changed it in yourself, you will be strong enough to change it in others. And this is a wonderful thing. People don't realise what an infinite grace it is that this universe is arranged in such a way that there is a collection of substance, from the most material to the highest spiritual, all that gathered together into what is called a small individual, but at the disposal of a central Will. And that is yours, your field of work, nobody can take it away from you, it is your own property. And to the extent you can work upon it, you will be able to have an action upon the world. But only to that extent. One must do more for oneself, besides, than one does for others."



(Vol.5, p. 19-20)


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The Matrimandir wants to be the symbol

of the Divine's answer to man's aspiration for perfection.

Union with the Divine manifesting in a progressive human unity.


The Matrimandir wants to be the symbol

of the Universal Mother according to Sri Aurobindo's teaching.



When viewing the Matrimandir's structure and its immediate surroundings, the first impression it may evoke is the image of the New Consciousness breaking forth from Matter. While serious students of Auroville's vision and endeavour may find a range of other symbolic aspects in the Matrimandir's design, we list here some of the most evident.


The four Pillars

The four pillars that support the structure of Matrimandir, and carry the Inner Chamber, have been set at the four main directions of the compass.


"Four great Aspects of the Mother, four of her leading Powers and Personalities have stood in front in her guidance of this Universe and in her dealings with the terrestrial play".

Sri Aurobindo


In talking about the four aspects of the Mother, and their four directions, it helps to know that in India, traditionally, the evolutionary principle of creation is approached, and adored, as the great Mother, and seen as a deity. Sri Aurobindo distinguishes four main powers and personalities through which this evolutionary force manifests. The pillars of the Matrimandir have been named after these:


(south pillar) One is her personality of calm wideness and comprehending wisdom and tranquil benignity and inexhaustible compassion and sovereign and surpassing majesty and all-ruling greatness.


(north pillar) Another embodies her power of splendid strength and irresistible passion, her warrior mood, her overwhelming will, her impetuous swiftness and world-shaking force.


(east pillar) A third is vivid and sweet and wonderful with her deep secret of beauty and harmony and fine rhythm, her intricate and subtle opulence, her compelling attraction and captivating grace.


(west pillar) The fourth is equipped with her close and profound capacity of intimate knowledge and careful flawless work and quiet and exact perfection in all things...


The Mother's symbol and the Petals

The meditation rooms inside the twelve stone-clad 'petals' surrounding the Matrimandir carry the names and colours of the 'petals' in the Mother's symbol:


These are:













"The first eight concern the attitude towards the Divine, and the last four towards humanity." (Mother's symbol)


Meaning of colours

In March 1934, Sri Aurobindo indicated through the (above placed) colour chart of the twelve petals pertaining to the symbol:

• Center and four powers, white;

• The twelve all different colors

in three groups:

• top group red, passing to orange towards yellow;

• next group, yellow passing through green towards blue;

• and third group, blue passing through violet towards red.

• If white is not convenient, the center may be gold (powder).


According to Sri Aurobindo the colours mentioned generally have the following significances, though the exact meaning may vary "with the field, the combinations, the character and shades of the color, the play of forces":

red - physical

yellow - thinking mind

blue - higher mind

orange - supramental in the physical

violet - divine compassion or grace

gold - divine Truth

green - life

white - the light of the Mother, or the Divine Consciousness


Colours of meditation rooms

The above mentioned names and colours have been integrated into the sequence of the meditation rooms which are being completed inside each of the twelve petals surrounding the structure in the following order:

Sincerity - light blue

Peace - deep blue

Equality - blue violet

Generosity - pure violet

Goodness - reddish violet

Courage - red

Progress - orange red

Receptivity - orange

Aspiration - orange yellow

Perseverance - pale yellow

Gratitude - pale green

Humility - deep green


(When moving from the south axis towards the east axis, the Humility room is in the first petal.)


Source :

Why Sri Aurobindo?

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On this great opportunity today, on the birthday anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, on the august day of the fifteenth August, for all of us to remember Him and His Purpose and to renew our Aspiration and our Hope for the New Way, for the New Consciousness and Force and Being, for the Progress and Transformation towards the New Man, the New Race.

Sri Aurobindo is the Person, who has given the most hopeful meaning of the human existence, of the Creation. He has shown us the greatest Hope, the greatest Dream, of Joy and Bliss and the Widest Consciousness and of an eternal, immortal existence. He was not satisfied with Moksha or Nirvana, nor did He ask us to be so satisfied. We shall have to be transformed into an immortal Race, a new Race, who will not live in Darkness or in Ignorance or in Transience and Death.

Sri Aurobindo showed us the Way, the New Way, transcending and surpassing Moksha and Nirvaana. You need not leave the World, the Manifestation — for everything is He, the All-Existence. The Creation, the Manifestation, is His Will — can anyone go beyond His Will? For, in everyone, He is manifest and He is hidden.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother [Mira Alfassa] have assured us of Their help on the Way. Has not He told us so in the following words?

And yet I know my footprints' track shall be

A pathway towards Immortality.

[The Pilgrim of the Night]


When one refers to Sri Aurobindo or His Collaborator, The Mother, Mirra Alfassa, one may directly or indirectly face the questions: Why Sri Aurobindo? What does Sri Aurobindo stand for? What is His message for us?

At times, the questions may not come to us directly in that manner, but during discussions or conversations, one finds that Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are referred to, but often with a lot of misunderstandings, as in the case of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs or in the case of The Failed Prophet, another derogatory book written by N. Nandhivarman on Sri Aurobindo. Throughout the world now, such cases are rare, but these two books have shown the depth of darkness possible in the human mind in understanding and knowing Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Time and the community, more or less open and devoted to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, will definitely give the due and proper answer to these attempts of the Dark Forces! About Peter Heehs, I have commented in ASPIRATION [] as follows:

Having come to read and know all that is written by Heehs on Sri Aurobindo, I feel and understand that an anti-Divine force is active in and through him, and in course of time, he will be swept away by the current and force of Time into oblivion!

About The Failed prophet, my comments will be the same!

However, besides these rare people who like to live in Darkness, there are some others who have respect and reverence for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, but their appreciation and understanding are insufficient and incomplete and sometimes incorrect and without much of depth. One such person is Rajneesh or Osho, who stated that Sri Aurobindo was a very great and rare scholar, but there was lack of Realization. Definitely, that was an expression of a sheer ignorance!

Often, persons who had earlier direct or indirect links or contacts with Sri Aurobindo failed to appreciate Him. I had a teacher in my college life — he had also had a deep and versatile knowledge in music and in order to learn instrumental music, I came in good contact with him. He was unmarried till the last. He was Satyen Chakravarty, son of someone, whowas very close to Sri Aurobindo. He often spoke of Sri Aurobindo, whatever he came to know to know of Him. In 1959, I had the last meeting with him, as he questioned me, “If He is really a Divine Avatar, saying that through Supermind, Man will conquer Death, then why did He die? He really failed.” Obviously, that was the last meeting. I tried to refute him, but he would not listen to me. So, I had to leave him, and never did I have any more of opportunity to meet him again.

So, some people are always there who has failed understand Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and they tried to describe Them through the language of their own darkness and Ignorance.

However, it is necessary for as many persons as possible to learn and know and ascertain what is the Purpose and the Way of which Sri Aurobindo spoken to us. And it is also equally necessary for us to know What Sri Aurobindo IS.


He has asked us to go within and find the Inner Being, the Inner Divine, the Psychic Being. He has told us to find also the deep-routed falsehood hiding in us and solve the riddle of existence.

I saw that a falsehood was planted deep

At the very root of things

Where the grey Sphinx guards God’s riddle sleep

On the Dragon’s outspread wings.

[God’s Labour: Sri Aurobindo]

In order to conquer all Darkness for the progress and evolution of a New Race, Sri Aurobindo, in His unique Sadhana, had entered the worlds of Darkness and unconsciousness to bring the required Transformation.

I MADE an assignation with the Night;

In the abyss was fixed our rendezvous :

In my breast carrying God's deathless light

I came her dark and dangerous heart to woo.

[The Pilgrim of the Night]

He has asked us to find the secrets within and proceed towards the New Becoming. To show us the Way, Sri Aurobindo had to find out the Way himself, for it was an untrodden way, a New Way. He had to work hard, undertaking an untried spiritual research.

He who would bring the heavens here

Must descend himself into clay

And the burden of earthly nature bear

And tread the dolorous way.

[God’s Labour: Sri Aurobindo]

And what did He tell us to do?

A voice cried, "Go where none have gone!

Dig deeper, deeper yet

Till thou reach the grim foundation stone

And knock at the keyless gate."

[God’s Labour: Sri Aurobindo]

Sri Aurobindo was Himself an Adventure of Consciousness, as Satprem called Him. In the language of His own epic poem Savitri, He was a ‘Voyager upon uncharted routes, fronting the danger of the Unknown and adventuring across enormous realms.’

A big change will come on earth — it has already started coming, since the 29th February 1956, when the Supramental Consciousness descended on earth, as declared by The Mother.

Sri Aurobindo has said :

Often a lustrous inner dawn shall come

Lighting the chambers of the slumbering mind;

A sudden bliss shall run through every limb

And Nature with a mightier Presence fill.

Thus shall the earth open to divinity

And common natures feel the wide uplift,

Illumine common acts with the Spirit's ray

And meet the deity in common things.

Nature shall live to manifest secret God,

The Spirit shall take up the human play,

This earthly life become the life divine.

Of the Mission for which Sri Aurobindo and The Mother descended on earth, one can have a clear Idea from what Savitri has stated :

My soul and his indissolubly linked

In the one task for which our lives were born

To raise the world to God in deathless Light.

To bring God down to the world on earth

We came to change the earthly life to life divine.

Thus, They came to change the earthly life.

And with the Divine words that came from Sri Aurobindo, an attempt has been made for remembering and adoring Him on His birthday, the birthday of the Hope of Mankind, also for remembering and adoring The Mother.


Sri Aurobindo, as the world knows, was a philosopher par excellence, a poet par excellence, a rare and superb visionary of evolution. But that is not the complete truth about Him. Further, He has been described as the Hope of Man. And Satprem, a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Mira Alfassa, has described Sri Aurobindo as the Adventure of Consciousness. He was not only an Adventurer of Consciousness, but Himself the Adventure.

Yes, He was an Explorer of Consciousness, and further, He was also the builder of the New World, basing on the New and a Higher Consciousness, the Supramental Consciousness, a much higher level of Consciousness, which was hitherto unmanifest, and which is discovered by Him. And He has shown us the Way, the Integral Way to the New Realisation, not of realising the Divine Consciousness and merging into It, transcending and leaving the Manifestation, the World and the Universe, forgetting the mankind and its past and present and future. He did not teach us to have Nirvana, or Moksha, or of reaching the Heaven and staying there forever hereafter. He did not ask us to return to the Source, to the Origin. He has given us a Way to discover and manifest and realise our own possibilities, our human and also our superhuman and divine possibilities, step by step. He tells us about transforming our individual existence and also the world, breaking all our personal and egoistic limits, becoming one with our earth, as vast as our earth. To divinise and supramentalise the world was ans is the Task he performed and asked us to perform.

As a philosopher, we find Him to be at the topmost level of Consciousness, denying none of the philosophical truths reached by the earlier philosophers, but by accepting and transcending and integrating them all in a new synthesis into one whole Truth.

As a poet, he shows us the Way to the Future Poetry, and His Poems were expressions of the Truth, which He saw and realised and lived, and which creations of highers planes of mind and Consciousness.

The Mother has said :

What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world's history is not a teaching, not even a revelation ; it is a decisive action, direct from the Supreme.


Barindranath Chaki



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If you want to take up an Adventure of Consciousness,

if you want to have a contact with your inner Being, the psychic being, or Soul,

with the higher mind, with the intuitive plane,

or with still higher levels of Consciousness,

or if you try to have a loving relationship with the Divine, the way is Meditation.

If want to really change yourself into higher transformed being, the way is Meditation.


Meditation may be through or along with Work, with or through concentration, with or through prayer, through the seeking of knowledge, or through Love.


The first and most important condition for having a fruitful and progressive Meditation is to have and practise for a mental silence. Mind should be silent -it should be made silent, still, undisturbed. It should not be a bazaar, a market place, as you will find it to be ordinarily. Endless crisscrossing, dissipating, degenerating, disturbing, aimless, meaningless ideas and thoughts and emotions and passions moving from this corner to that corner of mind -this should be stopped, pacified, mastered. This is the required sadhana.


Or else, a simple show of a Buddha posture is meaningless. External posture is all right, but you should be a Buddha within, that is the aim. Buddha means awakened. You must be awakened.


This mental silence cannot be possessed or brought at once, in general cases. It has to be practised, regularly, at a fixed, once or twice, everyday. Everything has to be silenced, within, without - externally, internally. Silence everywhere.


Let us see what The Mother [Mira Alfassa] has said in this connection :

" For a quarter of an hour we will remain silent, silent ; no noise, no one should make any noise. We shall remain silent for a quarter of an hour. For a quarter of an hour, try to remain completely silent, still and attentive, and then we shall see in a quarter of an hour what comes out of it. "


The Mother further says :

' You can reduce it to five minutes to begin with, three minutes, two minutes, it doesn't matter. A quarter of an hour is a lot, but you should do...try ....'


I hope this can throw some light on Meditation.





[From an old writing on 05-05-2006]


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