The Transfiguring Hour


All things shall change in God's transfiguring hour.

The spiritual journey of Man has a revolutionary and evolutionary turning since Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa, known as The Mother, have given to Spirituality a totally new turn and meaning, a completely new purpose and value.

A true spirituality does not any more mean fleeing from the world and life. We need not go to the forest, forsaking the social life and ‘renouncing' everything, and become a recluse or a monk or a sannyâsin, after you attain the fiftieth year of your life and then strive to attain nirvâna or moksha and be free from the cycle of birth and rebirth for ever. Thereby by doing so, we allow the world and creation to go on, as it is going on now, in spite of the attainment of nirvâna or moksha by several yogis, seekers, saints. The world continues to remain as it was, in ignorance and darkness, in suffering and struggle and death. After nirvâna or moksha, we still allow the Divine, the Supreme, to incarnate in human form several times, but we will regard the coming back as a bondage of ignorance.

As the principle of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, the Divine, is Truth, then this Creation, which is but a Manifestation of the Divine, cannot be false. When we are a part of the Manifestation, there is no reason why should we withdraw ourselves from the Manifestation.

Here on earth, the Divine is manifesting Himself - through Evolution - from Matter to Mind, and then onwards towards the supramental race in a supramental world. This is Evolution. As Mind has evolved and is evolving, the principle of Supermind will also descend on earth and be evolved.

Evolution aims at ultimately manifesting That which is the Source of this Manifestation, the Supreme Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (in Sanskrit and other Indian languages, Sat-Chit-Ananda or Sachchidananda), the Divine. This principle of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss is involved in Matter. That has become Matter. What is involved in Matter, is being evolved.

The aim of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is not the attainment of nirvâna or moksha, not a freedom from the world and the cycles of birth and rebirth. The aim is not spiritual selfishness. The aim is not to say that others may continue to suffering, but we will leave this whirlpool.

However, we know that the mankind, along with this earth, is at present in a great turmoil and chaos and disharmony. There is unrest, struggle, warfare and violence everywhere. 

Yet, man has the inborn capacity to conquer and master and transform all his imperfections and all darkness and ignorance around him, to grow into a creative, constructive, perfect and divinized higher being. The human society may also grow accordingly, conquering all darkness within and without, surpassing all racial, religious, linguistic, political and other artificial barriers, divisions and differences.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother do not only speak of the Realisation of the Divine, of the Soul or the Psychic being, but also of an integral transformation of the entire human personality - his mind, and life and body, also of his ascent to the several planes of the Superconscient and to the Supermind.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother aims at the total transformation of the human existence and the world. They want to change the world, the human lot. They know the bright and joyous future that the Divine has designed for this earth. They told us : don't leave this world, change this; don't give up yourself, transform yourself.

This is the Truth. We must participate in this Truth. We must cooperate with the Divine. We must march onwards, by transforming ourselves, towards becoming the supramental race in a supramental world. That is the only Way now left for us, for the human beings. 

Sri Aurobindo has said that the time has come when man must surpass himself. Man is not perfect. He is not complete. But he has the aspiration and dream for attaining perfection and completeness.

Out of Man, the Superman shall manifest. Man has to become the basis for the advent of the Superman. He has to become the Superman. The purpose of the appearance of man must now be fulfilled. Man's surpassing himself will do that. Man has to collaborate with the new Evolution, or the evolutionary forces will ignore him and go beyond him and find out its own means.

If we do not accept the Truth, if we do not try to change ourselves and the World, if we choose to continue with Old World of ignorance and darkness, of suffering and struggle and death, then result of our choice will be the Abyss. The Mother has told us :

Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative: Truth or the abyss.


This march onwards towards the Supramental Manifestation on earth is not only an Idea or Ideal only. This is not an abstract ‘spiritual' teaching. It is a practical Truth, a practical necessity. 

The Ascent to Supermind and the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness on earth makes the Evolution from Man to Superman possible.

Sri Aurobindo said:

"The supramental change is the thing decreed and inevitable in the evolution of the earth-consciousness; for its upward ascent is not ended and mind is not its last summit. But the change may arrive, take form and endure, there is needed the call from below with a will to recognise and not deny the Light when it comes, and there is needed the sanction of the Supreme from above."   

Supermind is out of reach of the common ordinary mind. But when Man reaches the higher regions of mind, namely the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, the Intuitive Mind, and then the Overmind, as defined by Sri Aurobindo, he can have the glimpses and the touch of Supermind. It may be very difficult, even appear to be impossible. But when the Supramental Consciousness is present on earth, things should be now easier, much easier.

Now the Supermind is actively present on earth. Let me quote the oft-quoted message of the Mother from Mother's Agenda Vol.1:

First Supramental Manifestation

(During the common meditation on Wednesday

The 29th February 1956)

This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was present amongst you. I had the form of a living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door, which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed in a single movement of consciousness, that ‘the time has come', and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

And then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.

The Mother has said in this connection:

The Manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality. It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognise it. 


The Mother had a Dream which is materializing As Auroville.

In Her "The Dream" The Mother has written : 

"There should be somewhere upon earth a place ... where all human beings of goodwill, sincere in their aspiration, could live freely as citizens of the world, obeying one single authority, that of the supreme Truth; a place of peace, concord, harmony, where all the fighting instincts of man would be used exclusively to conquer the causes of his suffering and misery, to surmount his weakness and ignorance, to triumph over his limitations and incapacities; a place where the needs of the spirit and the care for progress would get precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions, the seeking for pleasures and material enjoyments....

In brief, it would be a place where the relations among human beings, usually based almost exclusively upon competition and strife, would be replaced by relations of emulation for doing better, for collaboration, relations of real brotherhood."

Barindranath Chaki



The Transitional Being

Man is a transitional being, as said by Sri Aurobindo.

Man is mortal¶, but for the time being. The Earth is a field of Evolution and, according to Sri Aurobindo, Man is a transitional being. Not always was there Life's manifestation on earth, nor was there always the display and Manifestation of Mind here on earth. However Life and Mind have manifested themselves on earth. These are the parts of the Divine Manifestation. Man has come into being here to manifest the Divine.


As has been said, Man is a ‘transitional being' and he is not a final form of existence in the evolutionary show of the Divine Manifestation. He is a mental living being - in him, in his material body, life and mind have expressed themselves, as needed by Evolution. But Evolution has to make long, very long journey, and whatever is a dream for Man today, even the fairy-tale of immortality, will become physically true in him tomorrow or the next time.

In Science and even in our commonsense, we have not seen beyond the mortal imperfect Man. Is then man the final word in Evolution, in the entire Manifestation? It cannot be so. How can something so incomplete, so imperfect, so ignorant and incapable, and so much enslaved to Death such as man be the last thing in the Divine Manifestation, in the Divine Creation?

In spite of his incompleteness and imperfection, in spite of all his sorrows and sufferings and in spite of the overshadowing Death, Man is a Dreamer and is inspired by his Hopes! They are the Divine's Blessings for him. But will the Dreams and Hopes of Mankind always fail? Will not his Dream of surpassing and conquering Death ever become true? He has to know himself, surpass himself and strive towards Perfection and towards conquering Death.

Out of man, the superman will emerge, as Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have said. That is the goal of this Manifestation. That is purpose and goal of the Supernature, or else men would not have evolved beyond the Homo Sapiens, nor would have been there any progress in human consciousness today on earth. Man will surpass the limits of mind and reason, scale newer and higher heights of Consciousness and ascend to Gnosis, the Supramental Consciousness, and bring in the supramental race on the earth scene. Man will conquer his mortality. This is the Truth Sri Aurobindo has brought for us. We live for this Goal, this Truth, according to Sri Aurobindo.  

In Man and on earth, the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness is The New to come. Conquest of Death is the New Task and Goal before Man.

Let us find what Sri Aurobindo has said:

A mightier race shall inhabit the mortal man's world.
On Nature's luminous tops, on the Spirit's ground,
The superman shall reign king of life,
Make earth almost the mate and peer of heaven
And lead toward God and truth man's ignorant earth
And lift towards godhead his mortality.
[Sri Aurobindo: Savitri]

Sri Aurobindo has further said:
Man is a transitional being; he is not final....The Step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in earth's evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner Spirit and the logic of Nature's process.[The Hour of God, page 7]

The Mother has said:

The deathless state is what can be envisaged for the human physical body in the future: it is constant rebirth. Instead of again tumbling backwards and falling apart due to a lack of plasticity and incapacity to adapt to the universal movement, the body is undone 'futurewards,' as it were.

There is one element that remains fixed: for each type of atom, the inner organization of the elements is different, which is what creates the difference in their substance. So perhaps similarly, each individual has a different, particular way of organizing the cells of his body, and it is this particular way that persists through all the outer changes. All the rest is undone and redone, but undone in a forward thrust towards the new instead of collapsing backwards into death, and redone in a constant aspiration to follow the progressive movement of the divine Truth. [25-11-1959]

Sri Aurobindo said:

Even there shall come as a high crown of all

The End of Death, the death of Ignorance.



 He has further said:

And yet I know my footprints' track shall be

A pathway to Immortality.

[Last Poems, Sri Aurobindo]


Thus, it is seen that the human mortality is NOT a final and absolute truth. The end of Death shall come on earth. And definitely, it will be possible only when the Supramental will descend on earth - and The Mother had declared that the Supramental descended on earth on the 29th February 1956. And the Supramental is definitely a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS to descend and manifest on earth.

Barindranath Chaki

[Revised from a previous writing on 21-11-2007]

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